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"I'm Considering Selling Them"

We recently came into possession of what I believe to be four authentic Clara Harris paintings. My family apparently bought them at an estate sale many years ago. I am considering selling them and was hoping you could offer me some direction or assistance to start that process. I have attached pictures of all four paintings. I believe they are all on canvas and the approx. measurements in inches are below. Thank you once again for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated. David F.

David, thanks for the photos of your paintings. How much easier the scenes could be identified if Clara had documented them on the back. That would also enhance their value. The factors that affect value are on Clara's site and you probably read/know these.

Floral Still Life

Oil on canvas

16 x 20”, 22 x 26” with frame

Front of canvas

Back of canvas

Clara did a number of still life paintings and this floral arrangement is typical of her work. Clara was influenced by accomplished artist Emily Louise Orr Elliot. If you look at Emily's work you'll see the

connection. . Clara and Emily made many excursions together covering 1000's of miles in all types of weather and in all seasons.


Oil on canvas 15.5 x19.5”, 22 x 26” with frame

Enlargement of Clara’s signature

Back of canvas

Side of canvas

I spent a lot of time studying this boat. With its three stacks and two masts it was probably an ocean vessel. If this is the case Clara painted this scene on either the east or west coast. Again it's a guess but if you look at

"A Tale of Two Paintings" Post of December 8, 2014 the rocks and trees are reminiscent of Cordova Bay in British Columbia. Also "I Just Fell in Love With Her Painting", Friday, October 11, 2013, and "Cordova Bay, B.C.”, January 22,2013.


Oil on canvas 13.5 x 16.5”, 20 x 23” with frame.

Enlargement of Clara’s signature

Back of canvas

Left-hand side of frame

This scene could be Muskoka, Bailey Island, Maine or the East coast. It's appealing and shows the calibre of Clara's brushstrokes. If we knew the location and possible date, archival photos could be matched with the scene and the viewer could compare Clara's world with today's. That's part of the value of her work.


Oil on canvas 13.5 x 16.5”, 20 x 23” with frame

Back of canvas

Side of frame

This scene is so typical of Clara's work. She completed many autumn scenes like this. Here are some references from the site:

"Six Degrees of Separation", Monday, March 3, 2014

"A Cache of Clara's", January 29, 2015

"On the Highway Hill Before You Enter Minden, October, 1942"

You mentioned that you might want to sell them. I can tell you that as the number of exhibits of Clara's work increases her presence expands and the value of her work should go up. But I’m not an appraiser so here are some possibilities:

Collectors often contact me wanting to buy or sell paintings. I can put your photos on Clara's FaceBook and the newsletter which I've just started with your contact information/link to you. Prices and terms could be handled by you as my interest is building Clara's archive not conducting business.

You can also research:

I really appreciate all this information that you have provided. If you wouldn't mind please put the photos on Clara's Facebook page and in the newsletter as we would like to move forward with selling them. You are welcome to add them to Clara's website.

As I mentioned previously I believe my family probably have another 10 to 12 paintings between them. Would you like me to photograph them also for you archive?

And of course the answer is “yes”!


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