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Clara’s still life paintings are better appreciated knowing that she travelled and was mentored by known painter Emily Louise Orr.  Their styles and work are similar.

Fresh Florals by Clara Harris


Riots of colour; paint applied in swirls resembling leaves and petals; flowers natural in their arrangements; some cascading over their containers while others reach skyward. Flowers as fresh as the day Clara Harris painted them. Timeless yet contemporary.

Red and White Flowers, Books and Book Ends 

Oil on canvas 12 x 15"

Orange, Yellow Flowers in  Green Glass Vase 

Oil on board, 10 x 12”

Pink Blossoms in Green Glass Vase, Elephant 

Oil on canvas 20 x 18”

Brilliant Flower Arrangement in Green Glass Vase 

Oil on canvas 17 x 14"

Clara used this elephant in her painting

Pink Blossoms in Green Glass Vase

Cyclamen in Full Bloom 

Oil on canvas 15 x 17”

Titled by artist

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