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Courtesy of Linda O., Clara’s grandniece, an extensive collection can be seen below.  Clara was 56 years old when Linda was born and she remembers “Being in Clara’s house and seeing paintings everywhere, even in the closets”.


Gloucester Mass. Harbour

Oil on canvas art panel  24 x 30”

Back of Canvas: Clara Harris Original Gloucester Mass. Harbour  $150.00

Gloucester Mass. Harbour?
Oil on canvas art panel  24 x 30”


Fall Scene With Creek and Hills
Oil on canvas  14 x 18”


Flowers in Blue Vase
Oil on canvas   22 x 28”


These flowers were given to Clara by her nephew and his wife when she was in the hospital.  Once discharged to her home Clara painted this picture and gave it to them as a gift.


Fall Scene on Lake, Birch Trees and Rocks
Oil on canvas art board  24 x 30”
Wedding gift to her grandniece and husband

Fall Scene With Pine Tree Atop A High Hill
Oil on canvas art board  16 x 18”

Purple, Pink and White Flowers in Bowl
Oil on canvas  14 x 18”


Birch Trees With Sail Boat and Two Fishing Boats
Oil on canvas   14 x 18”

Pine Tree and Boats on Lake
Oil on canvas  14 x 18”


Haliburton Winter Scene With Birch Trees and River
Oil on canvas  14 x 18”
Artist’s Documentation


Fall Scene With River
Oil on canvas  14 x 18”

Sailboat on Ocean Near Rocky Shoreline
Oil on canvas  14 x 18”


Mixed Flowers in Blue Bowl
Oil on canvas art board  14 x 18”

Mixed Flowers in Blue Vase
Oil on canvas art board
(No dimensions provided)


These paintings once again reveal just how prolific Clara was in her work and that specific people, sites, and subjects were dear to her.  


Also a “first” for the site are three cards designed by Clara. As described in great detail in Fred’s diary designing cards was a major part of Fred’s domain and comprised much of the Harris’ income: 

Nov. 14, 1938cards & orders

Dec. 1, 1938Mr. & Mrs. Schofield in during the evening and got cards

Dec. 16, 1938cards & worked day & night

Dec. 18, 1938Prepared & cut block for personal cards.

Below is one of 20 cards partially pasted into an album.  One is Clara’s the rest are Fred’s.  Clara’s card resembles some of her other winter scenes: (See Sleigh Ride to the Village in the Winter Section of the site).  There is no indication of the year these were done or the locations.  The 1932 greeting card and sketch on card are both signed by Clara.

Adding to this personal snapshot of Clara’s life are the carved headboards shown below:


Until now there have been no examples of Clara’s work in wood.  But her niece has confirmed that these as well as additional bedroom pieces were indeed carved by her aunt when she was in her 40’s.  Linda came into possession of the beds when Clara moved out of 23 Valleyview Gardens.

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