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Official Documents

The website was upholding its function.  Linda H. from Cobourg, contacted me as she had some of Clara’s paintings and wanted to know more about them.  Adept at genealogy she offered to research Clara’s background.   Linda provided these official certificates which outlined the milestones of Clara's life.


A copy of Clara’s birth certificate, Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 confirms that she was born on October 13, 1887 in the county of York, Ontario.  Her father was Richard S. Perry and her mother, Elizabeth Hunter.



Clara travelled independently to the U.S. to study, paint and visit relatives.  Here’s a certificate recording one of these trips.  Clara was 24, left Canada and arrived in St. Albans, Vermont in July 1912.

On another trip Clara, 24, left Canada and arrived in July 22, 1912 at Port Huron, Michigan.  It states that Clara was 5’6” fair, with brown hair.

Clara’s marriage in Toronto is recorded in this certificate.  Clara Isabella Perry was 31 and Frederick William Harris, 27.

Linda also undertook the mammoth job of completing a comprehensive family tree of Clara’s family. The details of Clara’s ancestry is now available.

Clara died and was buried in Aurora, Ontario but there was a discrepancy. Did she die in 1974 or 1975?  Three people helped solve this conundrum.  Ann Moynes who has been a major contributor in the making of this site contacted the administrative Assistant at the Aurora Cemetery, Cindy Angers, while Linda H. found the Toronto Star Obituary.

From Ann:
“The admin assistant at Aurora Cemetery very kindly took these photos of the gravestone for Clara and Fred for me.  Aug. 25th 1975 was the day she was buried, while the death date is Aug. 21st.”

The photo taken by Cindy Angers.


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