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As Clara did wood carving and her husband Frederick created greetings cards as a commercial artist they worked together recognizing various holidays and events.  The names and locations mentioned are included in Fred’s 1937- 1942 diary.

Original Linocuts

It was fashionable for artists in Clara Harris’ time to make linocuts that could be used not only to personalize their own greeting card messages but also for friends and commercial purposes.  The linocuts you see here were designed by Clara’s husband Frederick W. Harris and are included as they were used by the couple.  Some are titled on the back, have catalogue numbers and instructions of where to fold the paper and colours to be used.


Also included is an arrangement of seven greetings cards, some with their original linocuts, that were designed and used by Fred and Clara.

Greeting card made for Jack and May Leslie

by Fred Harris

A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

from Fred & Clara Harris, Baby Point Aurora

Metal plate on wood

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Fred & Clara Harris

Metal plate on wood

Greetings from Fred & Clara Harris

Metal plate on wood

Fred & Clara Harris

Metal plate on wood

May Your Christmas Ship Have a Full

Cargo of Joy. Fred & Clara Harris

Metal plate

With Seasons Greetings from

Frederick W. Harris

Metal Plate


Greetings from Minerva Perry

(Relative of Clara’s)


The Old Homestead

Print of The Old Homestead

Hauling Firewood

Print of Hauling Firewood

Buckhorn Road

Print of Buckhorn Road

He Carries A Packful from Denthaven To You

A Pack of Greetings from Fred’s

Prints of seven linocuts

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