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Clara and Autumn

In mid October I was contacted by Cameron B. “I have come across a Clara Harris painting that was given to my parents by a realtor and have attached some photos. Perhaps you can add these to your virtual collection and provide some other details. The painting is 20 x 24" on canvas. The frame was recently added, but I remember that it was never framed prior to that. Attached is a photo of the back of the painting. The writing on the back is my mother's, and she writes: "This painting was presented to us by Mary Barker, a friend and real estate agent who sold us our first home in Toronto (1964) and then our second home in Toronto (1968), and then handled the sale of our home in Bramalea (1976)." Readers know that Clara painted innumerable autumn scenes. Some are so similar that it’s easy to confuse them especially as Clara, like other artists recycled or reconfigured scenes. The composition and subject of Cameron’s painting are similar to Clara's Belmont Lake, Near Havelock (Summer Section of the website). But if you look at Glorious Autumn Day (Emanuel Yarimi - Collectors Gallery of the website) you'll see almost the identical painting: just at a slightly different angle.


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