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Cordova Bay, B.C.

Found in a consignment shop On December 3, 2012, Ken Deeth contacted me:

"Hello, I enjoyed looking at your website on Clara Harris. I recently bought two paintings at a consignment store in Toronto. One of the paintings, 16 x 20”, is by Clara Harris and is on canvas. Written on the back is Cordova Bay near Victoria BC. I didn’t see any paintings on your website from BC and wondered if you know what year this would have been painted. I like the small figure sitting in the foreground”.

Interestingly, this painting had been advertised on Craigslist in 2011. Prior to that I had never seen a west coast painting done by Clara nor any information describing trips to that area. Unfortunately by the time I saw the Craigslist add it had been pulled. I missed out but Ken did not! Ken purchased Cordova Bay at Around the Block ( for $395.00.


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