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East Meets West

In December 2015 my sister, Diana Starbuck and I did the unthinkable: We sold one of Clara’s paintings from our collection. This is something we had no intention of doing. Our plan has always been to care for the 100 plus paintings; keep the collection intact; share it with website viewers and have an exhibit in “real” time in “real” space. But this is what happened……

My sister is an artist ( and participates in an annual “art crawl” in Roberts Creek, B.C. Local artists open their studios to the public and exhibit their work. The turnout is high and viewers come not just from the Sunshine Coast but the mainland too. Two of these people were Kathy & Lawrence W. It was the second year that they’d come to my sister’s studio and the second time that they had admired a painting of Clara’s: Sleigh Ride to the Village (See Winter Section)

Sleigh Ride to the Village, Oil on canvas 14 x 17"

They wanted to purchase it: My husband Lawrence and I were thrilled at the prospect of owning of one of Clara’s works and the one with the snow scene in particular. That one did speak to both of us. For me who grew up in Eastern Canada on the border between Quebec and New Brunswick it represents a familiar scene from days gone by. We were glad we stopped by your sister Diana’s place during the art crawl and were able to see the paintings again. We live in a circa 1930’s home in North Vancouver that we have restored back to its day. I know that for the east coast this does not seem old but for Vancouver it is practically heritage. The painting would be a fitting addition to the restoration. Diana and I discussed whether we should sell the painting. This was our response to Kathy and Lawrence: Diana and I were not planning to sell any of Clara’s work but the fact that you’ve inquired twice makes us think twice. The description of your home sounds perfect for the painting and I know Clara would be happy for you to have it. I don’t know if you read much on the site but Clara would not sell a painting to a person she didn’t like. Also Clara and her husband Fred spent a considerable amount of time in the Maritimes sketching and painting so you have an additional affiliation. And Clara’s work belongs to everybody: not just us. As her paintings are a part of history and so many landscapes are gone, Clara’s work is more than “one of a kind” it’s a “kind” long gone. Based on this we are asking $500.00 for this scene. Kathy and Lawrence purchased Clara’s Sleigh Ride to the Village for $500.00, framed it and sent us this photo of the painting in it’s new home. As you can see it’s “sporting” a new frame. I’ll ask Kathy for a close up photo and a description of her choice of frame so that viewers can appreciate it. It certainly enhances Sleigh Ride to the Village.


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