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Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Some of you are familiar with Steve Hill, Curator of the Haliburton Highlands Museum, who has contributed so much to Clara’s archive through his meticulous research and knowledge of the Haliburton area. In November 2017 Steve sent me a photo of a small Clara painting: a unique representation of a January 1939 fire of the Mrs. W.R. Hutchings house adjacent to the 1897 Haliburton Town Hall. This is the only scene of this subject in the Clara archive.

The November 8, 2017 Blog describes Steve’s contribution:

And in December 2023 Steve had more to add:

Back in 2017, we sent you a copy of the Museum’s one and only Clara Harris painting.  It was more of a high quality coloured photocopy on glossy 11” X 17” paper, as I recall.  That was the best we could do at the time.  Since you are continuing with your Clara research, I thought that I would see to it that you got a proper copy of the image once and for all. This way, you can reproduce the picture for your research or promotional purposes, knowing that you were putting forth the best possible version of the image. Now you can make use of it whenever you need to.  I played with the colour tone to correct some of the grayness that had occurred over the years.  Here are two versions of the same scene.


So….I do hope that the two versions are much better for your purposes than the copy we sent 6 years ago.  It certainly lends itself to better quality reproduction than the photocopied version does, I am sure.

Thanks Steve. And readers which version do you like best?



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