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The Musings of Dan McDonald: Birdsall Point

Some of you are familiar with collector Dan McDonald. He’s the lucky guy who found Clara’s sketchbook in a Richmond Hill, Ontario dumpster. His story is described on the site: Richmond Hill, June 2013 Clara Tour.

Dan is no “stranger” to the details, appreciation and value of art. He knows Ontario like “the back of his hand” and is master of finding the needle in the haystack. So when Dan muses I take note.

Take Clara’s painting Brown Horse in Pasture. Clara didn’t identify the location but for Dan the scene is familiar.

Verna, I think this is Birdsall Point, Rice Lake. The point is .6 miles west of Cameron Point. Proceeding west, Rice Lake begins to widen out with few obstructions along the north shore. Approximately 3 miles NNW of Birdsall Point lying 0.2 miles offshore is Lower Foley Island. Another 0.8 miles beyond is Upper Foley Island, both islands are heavily wooded. (

These pics were taken May 13, 1994. The fish were caught two hundred feet from the point.

The barn in question is to the left of the offshore pics, maybe two hundred feet. Hope to get more pics from my boat early July. Too bad I didn’t pan the camera around when we got the fish pics, barn would have shown.

And thanks to Dan’s sleuthing we believe he’s identified this sketch from Clara’s portfolio as Birdsall Point.

The second Installment of Dan’s Musings is coming soon! Small hint: It has something to do with artist André Lapine…..


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