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“My Wife Was Always Fond of It”

My wife was always fond of it. It was my mother-in-law’s painting. Just thought I’d look up the artist and see what it’s all about. It’s the original frame and everything. No year included. The painting is 10 X 13” on board. My mother-in-law lived in the St Clair area of Toronto. I’ll ask her where she got it.

Those are the words of David D. and these are the photos of the painting:

What a welcome addition this painting is to the Clara archive. Clara captured the bridge and old mill from a different perspective than her other Humber River paintings. The painting’s size and medium (on board) suggest it’s a sketch. Conceivably there are other versions which we’ve not yet seen. Let’s hope they surface.

In the meantime here’s a sketch of the bridge over the Humber done by Fred, Clara’s husband. Perhaps Clara and Fred completed these on the same day.

Old Mill Humber River, Spring, Morning.

Thanks David for sharing your painting and information.


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