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“The First Time I Saw Her Work, 'Summer, Road Between Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon', I Cried.”

Jenn B. a high school visual arts teacher in London, Ontario contacted me recently:

I’m thrilled that you have a space dedicated to Clara Harris. I only discovered her when I saw her work at my in-laws. They received this painting in the 1980’s. The painting was in storage at a relative’s house in Collingwood, and my mother-in-law liked it so much that it was given to her. I was immediately drawn in. Clara was new to me!

Canadian art history is something I study, teach and love. I’m also an artist and my greatest source of inspiration is the landscape surrounding Bobcaygeon. We have a family cottage there. Her story and her work resonate with me. The first time I saw Clara’s, “Summer, Road Between Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon” I cried.

I will get the measurements, photos and details ASAP.

Thanks Jenn. Your comments say it all!


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