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Hiding in Plain Sight

Readers might remember the story of Jennifer Churchill who brought her painting to the Toronto Doors Open 2017 exhibit. Jennifer took a small package out of her purse and unwrapped it: it was a small winter sketch of Huntsville. It was the smallest Clara painting I’ve seen so far: a miniscule 8 x 10” on board.

(Blog of October 25, 2017, When Good Things Come- In Small Packages) I thought the scene looked familiar. But Clara did so many snow scenes that it's easy to confuse one with another especially if they're not documented/titled.

Recently while looking for "solds" of Clara's work on the internet I found this painting The Road Home which you can see on this link.

I also realized that I have it on Clara's site in the "Valuation" section:

So there you have it: a sketch and the finished product. Just goes to show that sometimes things are hiding in plain sight!


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