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Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists

For those of you who live in Toronto or are planning to visit, here’s an exhibit you won’t want to miss. Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists at the St. Lawrence Market Gallery. Featuring the work and ephemera of thirty-six women artists, the value of their work gains recognition and reinforces the need to preserve and promote it:

The City of Toronto Art Collection contains nearly 3000 works collected by the City between the 1850s and today. Of the roughly 900 artists represented, a little more than a quarter are women. The gallery has never produced an exhibit focusing exclusively on their work until now.

Artists include contemporaries of Clara’s such as Paraskeva Clark, Kathleen Daly, and Marion Long. See View of Toronto From the Island 1903, by Emily Louise (Orr) Elliott, Clara’s mentor and travelling companion. . Perhaps Emily was with Clara when she created her two versions of Toronto Island: Woman on Docked Sail Boat, Centre Island Lagoon, 1922, and Toronto Island , . But Toronto Island wasn’t their only stomping ground. Clara and Emily travelled thousands of miles by car through Canada and the U.S. in all seasons sketching and painting.

The theme of the Market Gallery Exhibit highlights how women artists have depicted and engaged with Toronto over the past 160 years.

Clara‘s website highlights how she depicted and engaged with Toronto over the past 100 years.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the common ground shared by the thirty-six artists featured and Clara. The exhibit closes June 22, 2019.

Woman on Docked Sailboat, Centre Island Lagoon, Toronto 1922.


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