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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Special events are like timeless gifts that just keep on giving. Whatever transpires in the present is not the sum total of the event’s success. The Cultural Heritage Landscapes discussion at Lambton House is a great example of this.

After the presentation John and Denise introduced themselves to me. They had two paintings of Clara’s. John had the photos on his cell phone and recently sent more detailed information to add to Clara’s archive.

Here are the two pictures. We bought them about 25 years ago, in Toronto on Eglinton Ave at Mary Barker’s antique shop. We paid about $400 each for them and we like them very much.

Untitled, Oil on canvas, 18 x 16”

Back of canvas

Two Miles Out of Haliburton, Oil on board, 24 x 19"

Back of board

The scene of John and Denise’s painting Two Miles Out of Haliburton looks so familiar. There are two similar paintings in the Curator’s Blog “Clara and Autumn, November 12, 2013”. Neither has a recorded location. Could Clara possibly have painted both these unidentified scenes from slightly different vantage points? If the answer’s “yes” John and Denise have identified two more paintings of the Haliburton area.

They are hung together in our dining room.

Thank you John and Denise for sharing your information and paintings with us.


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