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And They Brought Them in Paper Bags

Clara’s exhibit at last year’s Toronto’s Doors Open did more than attract viewers – it unearthed paintings not seen before. People brought their Clara paintings: proud to show them, curious to know their worth and transported in various ways.

David E. took this painting out of a paper bag:

Now this is unusual! A scene of the Don River in York Mills. To date this is the first indication that Clara painted there. David said he admired the various shades of green Clara used.

David promised to send me the dimensions and details after the show:

As you requested I have attached photos, recto and verso, of my Clara painting. The sight dimensions are: 10 1/2 inches by 12 5/8. It was purchased for $90.00 from a dealer at the Sunday morning St Lawrence flea market on December 14, 2014. He told me it came (with several others) from a house sale, if memory serves, in the Yonge/Lawrence neighbourhood.

Verna it was a very great pleasure to meet you and I admire so much how you have created your website and developed it into an amazing treasure trove and resource for a good and eminently worthy artist.

Thanks David. It was a pleasure meeting you too and we appreciate your addition to the Clara archive.


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