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We were packing up Mom’s house

Peggy W. initially contacted me just over a year ago in January 2013 and recently sent me these photos and information.

“My grandmother lived at Baby Point Cr. and purchased several Clara Harris paintings. As a child, I remember her talking about visiting Clara Harris, the artist who painted many of the paintings in her home. I didn't realize until I looked at your website that Clara lived just around the corner and was about the same age as Grandma. "Grandma passed the paintings on to my mother, who passed away this fall. I thought I would "google" Clara Harris and was really pleased to come upon your website. I grew up surrounded by Clara's paintings and it was really interesting to learn more about her and her work. "I took a look through the Clara Harris website one evening recently. Not sure if you added anything or I just skimmed through before. It's really pretty interesting - you have a lot of good information and really enjoyed looking at the paintings as we have two of the boat series and there is a winter scene that is probably the same location as the one we have. We recently re-visited the Tom Thomson Gallery at the AGO, so knowing Clara's work helped me see it through a slightly different lens. "Here are the photos of our Clara Harris paintings. I’ll have to take the paintings out of the boxes to measure and look at what they’re painted on. Some of the paintings are similar to those on your website. "- 2 large harbor scenes - one with the green boat and one with the black boat."

Four Still Life

"One large pink-purple mums and dahlia and 2 smaller pink/purple that make a grouping with the large one and one large floral in yellow and red."

"One winter scene - Mom always said it was the Forks of the Credit. However I’m not sure about that because

my Dad just liked that area. "What I do know is that my grandmother gave it to my parents as a wedding gift – 1948.

(back of painting)"

"We've also taken some photos of the backs of the framed paintings."

Thanks to Peggy for all of her hard work, sharing this information and her sentiment: I felt these paintings were special.


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