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"Why the Discrepancy?"

For those who want to know the latest trends, as well as the perceived and actual monetary values in the art world there are two sites worth visiting: Artprice ( and Artnet (

In June 2014 Artprice released its report of a completed world tour of the auction markets of the most successful artists under 30 years of age. The findings were revealing. The top five for the U.S. were all male. Women faired somewhat better in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

This is a phenomenon reminiscent of Clara’s day but of 2014?

Don't young women have the same educational opportunities and chances to develop their talents? Dont' they have the same marketing savvy? The internet seems to be an "equal opportunity" (See Collection, Portraits)

employer. Are women still less comfortable promoting themselves and their work? Are they less connected to those that can help them? Are the artistic mediums they choose to work with less appealing, less understood, or less appreciated than their male counterparts? Does their work have to be multiple times better to get an honourable mention? Is this the “glass ceiling” that female artists experience in the art world?

Readers and collectors send me your thoughts and ideas. The Clara Harris community wants to know “Why can’t a woman be more like a man”?


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