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Lo and Behold Here We Are!

In October 2014 I received this from John L.

"Hi Verna, I found your site while sitting in my living room with my ipad in my hands answering emails. I paused for a few minutes while glancing at 2 of Clara Harris’sketches. I thought, I should search her name and see what I come up with, and lo and behold here we are!

My older brother was a teacher in North York in the early 70’s and his teaching partner was related to Clara in some way, I think a cousin or nephew. He told my brother and I that they were selling some paintings and that we should go to their house and have a look. I purchased 4 of Clara’s (2 oils signed and 2 sketches, although she didn’t sign the sketches.) and a water colour signed of her husband’s. They are wonderful pieces of art."

As Clara didn’t document the location of these pieces some sleuthing was required:

This boat scene is similar to so many of Clara’s maritime paintings. After studying it more closely the buildings are the same as the painting in the Collectors Gallery, Linda O. The location is Gloucester Mass. Harbour.

Collectors know that sketches done by Clara are hard to find. Trying to match sketches with paintings is always a “fun” challenge. So often parts of sketches resemble parts of paintings but other parts don’t coincide. Look at the painting Large Pine Tree & Buildings, it is a possible match to the sketch. If you look at the chimneys and where they’re placed on the roofs they fit. Also if you can imagine turning the sketch to the left the buildings coincide. The little lean-to part on the side of the barn also matches, as does the small tree on the left side of the painting and sketch. The large tree in the foreground of the painting has been omitted in the sketch.

Again, Clara did not identify the location of this boat scene. And although the landscapes aren’t really similar the whimsical, carefree feeling conveyed is reminiscent of Summer at Bailey Island, Casco Bay. Maine.

Look for more contributions from John: I have also talked to my brother in Calgary who has one or two of her pictures. I will get him to send you photos of them.

I love your website and even more, I love the paintings……


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