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Clara’s Family

As Clara and Fred Harris had no children it’s difficult to locate family members who knew and can provide information about Clara, the person. So many questions remain unanswered. However this changed recently when I received this email:

“Hello, I am Clara Harris's great niece. I live in Michigan and I have 6 of her paintings and also a water color that her husband did. I was very surprised to find a web site just for her paintings. I was born in Toronto and moved to Michigan at age 8 with my family in 1952. I do have memories of my Aunt Clara's house and all the paintings in all the bedrooms upstairs - even stacked in the closets. I don't have a lot of memories of my Aunt but I will go thru my Mom's pictures & papers. I know there is a newspaper clipping about her. "Thank you for a wonderful web site. Sue N”

This picture belongs to Daisy

Sue is sending photos of the paintings to share with website viewers but in the meantime has provided us with something equally important. She contacted her cousin, Linda O. who lives near Cobourg, Ontario. Linda has provided us with her memories and collection of Clara’s paintings and artifacts. As so few portraits are on the site, today’s feature is Clara’s niece, Daisy Woollings, painted in May 1935. Oil on canvas, the painting’s dimensions are 30 x 24”.

To view the rest of Linda O’s collection visit the Collector’s Gallery section.

To view photos of Clara's family photos visit History of Clara Harris.

Daisy Woolings 1935


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