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Grey Barn by Stream in Autumn

This fall the foliage has been particularly vibrant and although most of the leaves are now on the ground I can keep the vision fresh, looking at Clara’s painting, Grey Barn by Stream in Autumn. Compared to her other paintings it’s small, only 8 x 10" . In keeping with the Group of Seven’s “plein air” philosophy of painting Clara had to capture the Autumn scene quickly. With the shorter days and fading light she did a quick, interpretation on cardboard. The painting’s small size and light weight made it easy to transport, to be refined and enlarged in her studio at her convenience. Clara used broad strokes and a generous amount of paint. The blobs of colour swirl in the eddies of the stream, then meld into the bank of the river, and adorn the shrubs and foliage. It’s windy. The Ontario barn in its muted tones of grey provides the perfect backdrop.

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