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Their Word Is Good

In the last Curator’s Highlight, “Input From Ann M” Ann said that she and Wayne would do some research, find the location of the stump fence and send me some photos. Their word is good: "Hi Verna, One more thing I meant to say about Clara's fences; they often help direct the viewer's attention to her focal point in the painting(s). You know that of course, but maybe not all viewers of the work realize it as they look. I have found and taken photos of the tree root fence for you. The location is 15 Sideroad, west of Georgetown." Wow these are good.

This close-up photo shows the density of the fence.

This is a good shot showing two types of old Ontario fencing: split rail and stump.

Ann and Wayne’s photo reinforces their observation that Clara’s use of fencing in her work directs the viewer’s attention to specific objects. There’s no denying that this fence steals the show. The red building in the background resembles some included in Clara’s scenes.

This is a great example of how long these fences could be. Pretty impressive visually as well as from a labour-intensive perspective. And let’s not forget the resourcefulness of the farmer. Even stumps weren’t wasted.

Thanks Ann and Wayne.


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