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I’ve described frames, their function, significance and effect on paintings in other parts of this site. (See Curator’s Highlight, “Stay Tuned For More Paintings,” Wednesday, March 11, 2015). In short a frame provides a boundary around a piece of art that protects, enhances and affects its value. The choice of frame depends on many things: The medium of the piece (oil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, etc) dictates whether matting and types of glass are necessary. The age of the work: typically older pieces have ornate frames composed of wood, plaster or a combination of these. Contemporary pieces have simple frames often made of metal or plastic. And the individual. When the artist chooses a frame to enhance a specific work it’s advisable to keep them intact. After all, the intention is to present the work in a specific manner and this should be honoured. When the owner (who is not the artist) chooses a frame, the decision is based on features he/she wants to emphasize. It’s subjective and that’s what makes it special to the beholder. Kathy W. whose story was featured in Curator’s Blog, East Meets West. Monday, January 18, 2016, has provided not only a close-up photo of Sleigh Ride to the Village, but the rationale for the choice of frame. This is a great opportunity to compare Clara’s work unframed and framed.

We are enjoying our new acquisition very much and have it in a prominent location in the house where we pass by it often at the entrance to the kitchen. Lawrence worked with the person who has done several of our frames to come up with this combination. It's actually 2 frames, a small inner one that picks up some of the colours in the painting and the outer larger wooden one that is made to look old. It suits the painting. I looked at the invoice to see if there was a better description but did not find one. Lawrence has an eye for what looks good on a painting so he usually takes care of's part of his landscaping background perhaps.

From Kathy, a proud member of the circle of Clara Harris painting owners”. I like Kathy and Lawrence’s choice of frame for the reasons they’ve described.

Viewers let me know how you like the new look of Sleigh Ride to the Village.


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