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Haliburton, Morning March 1940

Collectors’ input makes for interesting viewing and this is the second time Robert B has contacted me. His paintings, both winter scenes, one in Haliburton and the other of Valley Road in Toronto, were featured in the Curator’s Blog, “Clara’s Preferences”, Wednesday, March 4, 2015.

Hi Verna, here is another painting of Clara's that a friend of mine has...I am still trying to get the portrait one that I mentioned to you. Please let me know if you get this!!!

Haliburton, Morning March 1940.

Oil on board, Original frame, Dimensions Not Provided. Titled and dated by artist

Clara and her painting colleague, Emily Louise Orr Elliott spent a lot of time in the Haliburton area particularly in the winter. And Clara’s husband Fred wrote about these trips in his diary: Feb. 27, 1940 Clara off for Haliburton Mar. 20, 1940Clara back from Haliburton When compared to Clara’s other Haliburton scenes this one is jam-packed with details of the period. Some of the buildings are similar to ones included in her other scenes such as Winter in Haliburton, in the Winter Section of the site. But this church, grey barn, houses and the natural beauty of the hillside in the background record a specific time the year: 1940. The boy in the foreground pulling the toboggan adds life and movement to the scene. Was he planning to walk to the top of the hill and enjoy a thrilling downhill run? The tire tracks in the snow tell the viewer that people came and went. Who were they and where were they going? Robert’s and his friend’s scenes of Haliburton are taken from different perspectives but the topography of the tree dotted hills are similar. Perhaps Stephen Hill, Curator of the Haliburton Highlands Museum can help us out. When I get his answer I’ll share it with you. Thanks Robert B for taking the time to get these photos from your friend.


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