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A Preview of What’s to Come

In the March 11, 2015 Curator's Blog I promised to exhibit more of Clara’s paintings that have not yet been seen on the site. As it’s been a long winter for those of us in northern climes this painting seems like the right choice.

Nasturtiums in a Blue Vase,

Oil on Board, 9 ½ x 12”, Original frame.

One winter day J.R. contacted me: "I was delighted to find your site -- and embarrassed not to have Googled Clara before. I have a lovely little 9.5 x 12" still life of nasturtiums that I inherited from my parents, who owned it as long as I can remember (I'm 59). It’s on board. Unfortunately, there's no writing on the back. I would guess that the frame is original -- it certainly looks like it's been around a while, and I can't imagine my parents either buying an un-framed piece or re-framing it...assuming they were the first owners. "Where they acquired it is a mystery -- they were anything but collectors. "My parents lived near Avenue Rd. and Davenport before WWII, then moved to King and Roncesvalles upon their return from a stay in Jamaica from 1946-1953. So no clues there I'm afraid. J.R."

J.R’s still life painting with its vibrant colours, featuring a single plant, nasturtiums in a bright blue bowl, diverges from Clara’s usual still life formula. Clara typically captured arrangements of different flowers often with props such as bookends, mirrors, small animals, bowls and brass plates. The nasturtiums “stand alone” as the subject. Everything needed to establish their beauty is there. Clara’s Cylamen in Full Bloom is also a good example of this. The owner and I believe that this is the original frame. Its simple lines enhance rather than compete with the painting. The orange and yellow flowers in the blue vase have the full and final “say”.


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