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A Tale of Two Paintings

It doesn’t matter how many times I review Clara’s paintings I always discover something new. In September 2013 Evelyn Pollock contacted me. She had a photo of a painting done by Clara Harris and wondered if I could identify the site as it was undocumented. After examining the water, rocks and evergreens we concurred that it resembled Northern Ontario. This is described in the Curator's Highlights section, "I just fell in love with her painting", Friday, October 11, 2013. Recently while looking at her painting I realized that I’d seen this scene before.

In December 2, 2012 Ken Deeth. had sent this photo of his painting, Cordova Bay Near Victoria B.C. I featured it on the website in the Curator's Highlight Section, "Found in a Consignment Shop", Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Ken’s input was invaluable: until then I had no factual information that Clara had painted on the west coast.

As the frames were different the features of each painting were showcased differently but it was definitely the same place: Cordova Bay, British Columbia.

I contacted Evelyn to tell her that the site of her painting was not Northern Ontario but Cordova Bay, B.C. And this was her response:

"You are right. The painting looks like the same location, Cordova Bay, BC. but our painting has rougher water and rocks on the lower left corner. The website looks great! Clara would be delighted to know that her work is valued."

And I contacted Ken to tell him that his information had provided another piece of the Clara puzzle. And this was his response:

"Hi Verna, after comparing the two paintings it certainly looks like they are of the same spot - Cordova Bay. We did some research on the internet and Cordova Bay does look similar to the painting although we would never be able to find a photograph of the exact spot and tree because the picture was painted a very long time ago. Our painting has the figure in the foreground and I really like that."

Sometimes the obvious just isn’t obvious.


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