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Whitby Garage Sale Finds

In mid July Shawn contacted me after reading the Clara Harris website. He had just purchased two of Clara’s paintings in a garage sale in Whitby. This is what he had to say:

"Hi Verna. I thought we should share these two paintings, that we acquired recently, with you. Believe it or not we found these at a garage sale. We have since learned a great deal about Clara and we are proud to know more about her thanks to you and your fabulous website. We have decided to resell these two paintings and I will let you know how that turns out so you can add it to your documentation. P.S. It is hard to make out but the notes that Clara wrote on the Landscape indicate that the painting is of Etobicoke Creek and that the painting was started before Hurricane Hazel (1954). Both the works appear to have the original frames as shown in the photographs."

Shawn’s photographs of Clara’s paintings provide the information that collectors and readers need for valuation purposes: the signature of the artist; the condition of both the front and the back; period of the frame; dimensions; and any documentation.

Full view of “Spring Break-up Etobicoke Creek, Before Hurricane Hazel”

Close-up of the front of the frame

Close up of the front of the frame

Titled by Clara, "Spring Break-up Etobicoke Creek, Before Hurricane Hazel"

Back of the frame

Close-up of the back of the frame

Full view of "flowers in Green Vase

Close-up of Clara's signature and the frame

Back of the frame

Measurements written on the side of the frame,

24 x 26". C. Harris

I followed up with Shawn as I wanted him to know the purpose of the research project; the amount that paintings had been sold for in the past and the probability that through more exposure Clara’s paintings will increase in value. Shawn decided he wanted to sell them.

As I have not seen a documented painting of Etobicoke Creek I wanted it for my collection. Particularly as Clara noted that this scene was prior to Hurricane Hazel and the landscape definitely changed after that catastrophic event. We agreed on the price of $175.00. I did not purchase Clara’s still-life painting as I have others that I prefer and for the sake of the market it is better that someone else purchases it. Being a “hog” of paintings does not a market make! As discussed in the Valuation Section of the site without movement in the market no value is created. And a good curator is concerned with value: preserved, present and future.

I don’t know if Shawn has sold Clara’s still life painting yet or how much he wants for it but if any of you readers or collectors are interested please contact me and I’ll connect you with Shawn.


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