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“We Finally Made the Road Trip to My In-Laws”

These are the words of Jenn B. who was featured in the November 8, 2019 Blog “The First Time I Saw Her Work”. As promised, Jenn went back to visit her in-laws and got more information on Clara’s still life painting. Here’s what she discovered:

We took down the painting and there was no information written on the back. However I learned a little more about the exchange of this painting. My husband’s godmother, Barb, was a VON nurse for Clara in Toronto during the 1970’s. Clara gifted Barb with her choice of painting. Barb selected the bouquet still life. Barb had it beautifully framed. It was in storage for a few years. My in-laws built their home in 1975 and when Barb came to visit, she noticed a similar style frame above their couch. She offered Clara’s painting to them to complement the space. The painting was hung in a perfectly framed wall space, above a small table with a silver tea set, and it has remained there since 1975.

Barb, now in her late ‘70’s, became a professional artist in the Collingwood, Ontario area. I’m an artist and art teacher in London, Ontario, and like Barb and Clara, have strong connections to the Kawartha cottage country (Bobcaygeon/Buckhorn).

I’m very happy this piece can be shared alongside Clara’s other works. Thank you.

Jen sums it up:

How amazing to have this piece of Canadian art history pass through the lives of women in the arts.


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