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When Good Things Come In Small Packages

Clara’s Captured on Canvas exhibit attracted viewers from all across the city. Jennifer Churchill, a Long Branch artist came to Montgomery’s Inn with her own agenda: she had something to show me. Out of her purse she produced a small package that she carefully unwrapped.

What a surprise! A quick sketch of Huntsville “en plein air”. Measuring less than 8 x 10” this oil on board is one of the smallest pieces of Clara’s I’ve ever seen. But its diminutive size in no way negates the quality of the work. The detail and brushstrokes capture the atmosphere of the Ontario winter, long gone.

May 28, 2017: This is a great occasion for me to meet you Verna. I have admired Clara Harris for so long – since I bought her lovely oil painting at Goodwill for $35.00. She is an amazing artist and I will do all I can to promote her and her work.

Jennifer Churchill


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