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Berry Road at the Bottom of The Humber, Toronto

Viewers of the Clara Harris virtual gallery send their comments and inquiries to me. These are extremely valuable as the more precise the information, the better. Clara’s portrayal of Berry Road in the west end of Toronto, which she titled: Berry Road at the Bottom of the Humber, is popular. Here’s what viewers have to say: “My favourite has to be Berry Road. Guess the composition, the colour and the scene give me a warm feeling towards our winter months.” Vincent C. Woodbridge, Ontario

“I am very interested in helping with your project Verna and will try once this mucky weather is over to at least get you some pictures of the Humber near Berry Road. Unfortunately, the place I am thinking of is a bit of a stretch vis a vis the Berry Road painting. It is the park along the Humber, access to which runs off Riverwood Parkway which is just west of Stephen Drive. Regarding my initial comment in this message, I am wondering if the Berry Road Painting was done closer to the Parklawn and Berry Road intersection given the distance the little buildings appear to be from the river and the hills between the buildings and the river. Frankly, I could just as easily say that I have no clue where the Berry Road painting was done. The transmission station you took a photograph of is, I think too close to the river though”. Ruth S. Etobicoke As readers and viewers where do you think Clara set up her easel and created Berry Road at the Bottom of the Humber? Let me know at


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